Ohmie is changing the way we use energy


"Our mission is to fundamentally change the way we interact with the built environment by enabling buildings and vehicles to be intelligent and responsive to our needs in real time while making a material impact on the sustainability of our cities."


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Ohmie HOME is an embedded smart home solution for new large scale residential property developments. We provide a turn key solution utilising a combination of the very best smart home devices on the market that suit the developer's budget and desired outcomes. Our solution also enables seamless integration in existing voice platforms and developer apps for amazing customer experience.

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Ohmie GO is an exclusive electric vehicle sharing solution for large residential developments, commercial buildings, hotels and resorts. We provide a turn key solution for asset owners to provide their residents, tenants and guests with exclusive and affordable access to brand new electric vehicles on premise, on demand, via a user friendly smartphone app.


Our team is a mix of tech industry experience and youthful engineering genius united by a shared vision of technology being used to make our homes, cities and environment a better place. We live, breathe and eat smart home and electric mobility tech everyday and have developed some of the deepest technical and functional knowledge in the market, as well as a number of our own patent pending products.

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