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We help our clients make sense of the smart home market by providing advice and access to a wide range of hardware options for embedding smart home in their projects and customer offerings. We work with only the best smart home products in the market to ensure the solution for the end customer is best in class. We also fundamentally believe an open ecosystem enables much broader choice for both our clients and their customers.

Energy Management

By combining the capabilities of smart home devices with solar, battery and grid aware technology the Ohmie Home intelligent software platform can harness every last device in the home to automatically optimise the energy efficiency of the home. The solution is simple to use for anyone, completely automated and compatible with popular voice assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. It provides finite energy control, simple automation and real time energy data all in one place.

Our Solutions

Bundled Smart Home

Make sure smart home is part of your next residential development. Globally, customers are increasingly paying a premium for properties equipped with embedded smart home inclusions. We provide a turnkey solution from device selection to provisioning, integration and support. We can even integrate smart home natively into your existing app for residents.

Connected HVAC

Centralised HVAC with heat recovery is by far the most efficient way to provide heating, cooling and hot water to your high rise development. Centralised HVAC saves up to 70% on running costs. Our solution enables your centralised HVAC system to not only be incredibly efficient, renewables compatible and OTA software upgradeable, but each individual resident gets smartphone-controlled HVAC as standard.

Embedded Networks

We can delight your embedded network customers in large residential developments. We provide a turnkey solution that includes real-time measuring and control of electrical loads and other utilities down to an individual device level within a tenancy. The solution can also optimise consumption based on renewables generation, grid pricing or demand response requirements.

Fire Safety

Who wouldn't want an extra level of confidence when it comes to fire safety in the home? We provide a turn key connected fire safety solution for residential homes and developments at a fraction of the cost of other luxury end of the market solutions. Our solution is capable of automatically turning off any oven and stove when the smoke alarm is triggered. The solution is fully voice assistant integrated and can provide real time alerts within the home or to anywhere in the world.

Airbnb Sync

Let's face it, most guests don't remember to turn off the AC, heater or lights off when they leave, This can cost the landlord significant wasted time and money. We have a turn key solution that syncs your booking calendar to smart home devices in your Airbnb property to automatically ensure everything is prepared perfectly for your next guest upon arrival and that nothing is unnecessarily left on when they leave. We can make hosting more convenient, enjoyable and most importantly more profitable.

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