Indie stands for independence

live with automation, voice assistance and care services at your side

Simplicity in a complex environment

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Indie is:

Completely managed: no fuss, no headaches, everything made simple. Projects are managed end-to-end with full support
Streamlining costs and standardising outcomes: with lower overheads and complex tasks made simple, get everything delivered with one supplier
The preferred industry solution:
market-leading partners, highly specialised expertise and domain knowledge makes Indie a smooth-sailing experience and the most preferred solution



Assisted Technology as a Service

Diagram of indie things

Design and Specification

Contractor Coordination

Install and Commission

Training and Support

Developers get

  • Standardised specification
  • Same solution for Assisted Living, Retirement Living and Smart Home Bundles

Providers get

  • Lower overheads by reducing complexity
  • Completely managed solution with one supplier
  • A solution that is modular and adjusts based on resident needs

Developers get

  • No pain, no fuss project management
  • Simple outcomes without contractor complexity
  • Single point of contact
  • Provisions
  • Industry-leading expertise and domain knowledge

Providers get

  • Peace of mind knowing everything is running smoothly

Developers get

  • Fully commissioned to a standardised specification
  • Hassle-free outcome-driven management

Providers get

  • No surprises
  • Expert set up
  • Fully operational handover

Developers get

  • 3 years of live support
  • Provisions

Providers get

  • 3 years of system support
  • Training and handover
  • Single point of contact
  • Lower ongoing costs
  • Reporting at no cost

Residents get

  • Fully supported open ecosystem
  • Live support for three years for Indie products
  • Standardised resident experience

Indie is at your fingertips

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